Water Marble Nail Art Tips

tips for water marble nail artSo, I’ve had people write in since my water marble nails tutorial post with a lot of questions. Rather than answer you all individually I thought I would add it to a post for everyone to see and benefit from. 🙂

Here’s My Water Marble Nail Art Tips

Always use a small glass or ceramic bowl or a drinking glass – don’t use plastic, paper or styrofoam bowls, with styrofoam the nail polish will start to eat away at it and it can get really messy! Also, once you have used the glass or bowl don’t use it again for eating or drinking purposes.

It is really important that the water temperature for marble nail art be about the same as the room that you are working in for this to work. If the water is too warm it might cause the polish to spread too much and if the water is too cold the polish will start to harden and won’t spread well.

nail polish used for water marble nailsYou can try this with tap water but it depends on how hard the water is in your area. I get my best results when I use bottled water. You can reuse the water over and over again so it doesn’t have to get expensive. If you want to work quickly it can be worth while setting up two bowls.

It is also really important to clean the polish from the bowl in between dipping each finger as residue nail polish can ruin your next design. If you don’t think the water is clean just add a few drops of nail polish and pull it to the edges of the bowl with a toothpick, then remove it from the water This should clear any remaining nail polish from the water and if that doesn’t work well, try starting again with some fresh water.

What Nail Polish to use for Water Marble Nail Art?

The best nail polish for water marbling is one that is quite runny, if it is too thick it won’t spread properly. Cheap and expensive polishes can work just as well as each other, I prefer to use cheap polishes and get rid of them. I hate to waste nail polish and if you’re the same as me you might like my post on how to use up all those cheap nail polishes you have lying around.

Here’s my list of nail polish used for water marble nails

  • OPI
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails
  • China Glaze
  • Orly
  • Sinful Colors
  • Elf

To be honest, there isn’t just one brand of nail art supplies that works, you will just have to try out what works best for you as every nail polish is different. There are many factors that will change how well your nail polish will work.

Avoid glitter and matte nail polish -they didn’t work at all for me. Also, I haven’t even attempted to do this with Konad Nail Polish as it is quite a thick – but it needs to be thick for when you do stamping nail art.

water temperature for marble nail artIf you only own thick nail polish you can try thinning your nail polish before you attempt this. You can thin nail polish by adding a bit of nail polish thinner.  Don’t use nail polish remover as it can ruin your nail polish forever!

I’ve had some people ask if you can attempt nail marbling without water, I’ve read that you can do it with lotion instead. I haven’t tried it but if you do succeed at this please send in your photos or instructions so I can share with the rest of the readers.

Water Marbling Nails Problems

If you are getting air bubbles on your nail try putting your nail in the water from a different angle, I find that a 45 degree angle with your finger tip touching the water first works best for me.

If you are having issues with taping up your nails, here is a great instructional youtube video.

If you find that your colors are coming out too light then try adding more nail polish into the water for each drop. To do this you allow the drop to come off the nail polish as it is almost touching the water as the water will pull more of the nail polish off the brush.

Never blow or shake your nails to dry them as you might end up ruining your designs. Trust me I’ve done it before!!

If you have any more tips for water marble nail art that you would like to share with the readers, please email me them or write in the comments and I will add them to this list.