Nail Art Tools

nail art tools at homeIf you want to get serious about your nail art at home then you should be considering purchasing some nail art tools. It can get very expensive heading to the salon every time you want beautiful nails. Nail tools for nail art allow you to be creative with your freehand nail art designs.

I’ve written this post so you can increase your knowledge on nail tools and their uses and so you’ll know where to buy nail art brushes, dotting tools and the rest of the equipment. Nail art can get expensive if you don’t know which nail art shop online has the best deals. I always buy my nail products online as I find you get such a better deal than walking into an actual shop.

Which nail art tools at home you put to use depends on what type of nail art and designs you want to complete.

The Basic Nail Art Equipment List

  • Top and base coat
  • Nail polishes
  • Orange wood sticks or cuticle sticks
  • Nail files/emery boards
  • Nail buffer
  • Nail scissors
  • Toe dividers (if you plan on giving yourself some funky nail art designs on your toes!)
  • Nail polish remover – whether you use acetone or a non-acetone remover will depend on what type of nail polishes you are using on your nails.
  • Cotton wool pads or a q-tip to remove the nail polish.

What Tools to Use for Nail Art?

nail art brushesWhat products you use all depends on what look you want to achieve with your nail art. For different nail techniques you will require different nails designs tools. Here is a rundown on what tools to use for nail art, these are not essential items but if you want to get serious and create some funky nail art designs then you will need more than just nail polish!

Nail art pens – if you like being artistic and creating your own look, nail pen designs might suit your style. Nail art pens allow you to make dots, lines and draw unique, finicky creations on your nails.

Nail art dotter tool – these are ideal for creating different size dots, lines and making flower designs. They can be really versatile.

Nail art brushes – allow you to make a lot of different designs.  It is best to buy nail art brushes and not use regular painting brushes as acetone may ruin other types of brushes.

Nail art stamping kit – if you’re not very artistic or what to create nail art designs with a lot of detail, perhaps a nail art stamper and some image plates are what you are looking for. Konad are the pioneers of  the stamping nail art revloution and have some great image plates to try out.

Nail dryer – a good nail dryer is a godsend and will save you a lot of time.

Shellac nail polish – if you want nail polish that won’t chip or smudge. Then shellac might be the answer.

Acrylic nail polish – you can either mix up your own acrylic or use acrylic tips. Acrylics are good for people who have trouble growing their own nails but will do damage to your nail bed in the long term.

Gel nails – you can either use soak off gel polish or hard gel polish that needs to be removed with a nail drill and can damage your nail bed. The soak off gel variety can strengthen your nails and is a good option for those who have weak nails.

Where to Buy Nail Art Tools

funky nail art designsIf you buy your nail products from actual nail and beauty suppliers you will soon be racking up a huge bill, it is better to look for discount nail art supplies online.

Born Pretty Store have a lot of cheap 3D nail art supplies, nail art brushes and nail art dotting tools. They also have free shipping.

Another place to buy reputable nail supplies online is from Viva La Nails, their prices are slightly more expensive that Born Pretty but they only stock quality nail art supplies. The founder of the website is a nail technician so she really knows her products and the customer service is second to none.

As always there are always tons of products available on Amazon. Here are a few of specials available at the moment.