Where to Buy Nail Art Brushes and How to Use Them

Nail art brushes and pensA lot of readers have been enquiring about where to buy nail art brushes and how to use them. So I decided to write a post so all of my readers can benefit from this information on nail painting brushes.

There are many different nail art brushes for nail art. Trying to decide which are the best nail art brushes and dotting tools for the look you want to create can be difficult so hopefully this post has taken the guessing work out of what to buy when it comes to nail art brushes and their uses.

I find that it is better value to buy a nail brush set rather than buy each brush individually, but everyone is different. For the best approach when buying your nail art tools, test out products that your friends use before purchasing nail art brushes and pens and any any other nail art tools for that matter.

Nail Art Paint Brushes

Fan brush nail artFan Brush Nail Art

These nail design brushes are great for giving an air brushed effect to your nails. You can layer and blend colours together or streak colours on your nails. These brushes are great for establishing the background for your masterpiece.


Nail Art Flat Brush

Flat Brush Nail Art

Use these brushes for creating that one stroke application of nail polish. As you can see from the picture opposite they are also great for painting on a thick line of colour on your nail. You can also use these brushes to blend colours.


Nail art striping tool

Striping Tool Nail Art

These fingernail brushes are perfect for creating fine long lines. Great for a design that needs precision like the tartan design opposite. The thickness of the line is dependent on how much nail polish is on the brush.


Nail art line tool

 Line Tool Nail Art

This small nail brush is perfect for making lines of any length for your nail art designs. You can create very detailed designs with this brush, it can be used to draw the outline of different shapes and add finicky details to your masterpiece.


Nail Painting Brush

 Nail Art Detail Brush

These brushes are great for drawing intricate details or designs. As shown in the picture opposite, this brush has been used to draw flowers. Flower petals are quite easy to draw with this brush all you need to do is place the brush flat on your nail before lifting it up.


Nail art dotting tool

 Nail Art Dotting Tool

Dotting tools are perfect for drawing dots but they are much more versatile than that. They can also be  used to create a marbling effect, swirls or zig zags on your nail. You can use them to blend colours either on the nail or on a palette.


 Where to Buy Nail Art brushes and Tools?

If you are looking for cheap nail art brushes than look no further than the Born Pretty Nail Art Store. They are an online store that do a lot great deals on different nail and beauty products.  You can buy a 15 piece nail brush kit for under $6 with free shipping.

Perhaps you are after a professional nail art brush or nail art brush kit. Viva La Nails is a website run by a qualified nail technician who endorses all her nail art supplies.

How Do You Clean Nail Art Brushes

Once you have invested in some good nail art brushes it is important that you take care of them. I’ve included a how to clean nail art brushes youtube tutorial as well.