LED Lamp for Nails

Gel nailsThis post is for those looking for a LED lamp for nails, scroll to the bottom of the page for some great deals we found on Amazon. Up until recently nail LED lamps have been considered very expensive and were only affordable by a salon professional. As with all new technology the price has been becoming lower and lower with time and it is now very possible to get some amazing deals online.

 UV vs LED Nail Lamp Debate

If you are unsure whether to buy a LED or UV nail lamp here are some pointers about both sets. There is no such thing as a best nail dryer – it just depends on what suits your circumstances better.

LED Lamps

  • Initial outlay is high but the price is dropping as these become more popular and are no longer thought of as only professional nail dryers.
  • Unnecessary to buy new bulbs as most LED UV bulbs last for up to 50,000 hours.
  • LED lamp nails products are becoming more popular as different nail suppliers release new nail polishes suitable for use with LED technology.
  • Reduced energy costs as less time taken to dry your nails.
  • LED light nails will cure in almost half the time taken to use a UV nail lamp.

UV Lamps

  • Work with most nail polishes currently being sold in the nail art market.
  • It is very easy to find a cheap UV nail lamp for home or salon use. There are great deals to be found on Amazon.
  • There are currently more options for UV lamps and UV curing nail polishes. You can purchase UV nail kits that come complete with everything you need.
  • If you want to read more about good quality UV Lamps, check out my earlier post.

With both UV and LED lamps it is possible to get some sun damage on your hands so it is always best to cover up with a high factor sunscreen or buy a pair of anti-UV gloves.

I’ve had a look over at Amazon and found some really good examples of different nail curing lamps.

If you are looking for a gel nail LED lamp that is considered one of the best. Then you should consider the OPI nail dryer as shown above, which has LED UV light for nails it also works well on Gelish polishes too. This LED gel nail lamp has;

  • Hand sensor activated
  • Built in timer
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Works with regular nail polishes

If you love Shellac then the CND nail dryer could be a good choice, shellac only cures with UV light so don’t even bother looking at a LED nail lamp for sale. This lamp has;

  • 4 pre-set times in the programmable timer
  • Large enough to cure pedicures
  • Interior fan
  • Warning light for when to change bulbs

The Thermal Spa nail dryer is always a good choice as it is a brand known for quality nail lamps and you can get them at a really good price on Amazon if you look at the right time. Thermal Spa do both UV and LED lamps for gel nails.

Here are two Thermal Spa nail dryers, both are high quality products that come with 1 year guarantees, programmable timers and  they can be used with pedicures.

If you are looking for UV lamps for gel nails don’t make the mistake of buying a Conair nail dryer. They produce mainly fan based drying systems, most of which are battery operated and very slow. My friend bought one and she has been very unimpressed with it, so it might be worth steering clear of these ones. The reviews of these on Amazon don’t look too promising either.

funky nail art

I am sure with time that more nail polishes will come on to the market that are compatible with LED lamps. I really enjoy using a LED lamp as it saves a lot of time. A manicure that would take over an hour can now be completed in 30 minutes!! My only complaint with them is that I wish that you could cure Shellac with LED lights.

If you’re in love with your nail dryer and want the rest of the nailartsupplies.net readers to know about it, share it in the comments or email me and I’ll include it in this list.

Below, I’ve listed some more reasonably priced LED lamps that are worth taking a look at. Having a nail curing lamp is quickly becoming an essential part of a lot of people’s nail art supplies kit.