Japanese Nail Art Designs

japanese nail art designsJapanese nail art designs are known for being a bit whacky and out there. Japan’s beauty and nail art culture is renowned worldwide for being “cute”.

As you can see from the Japanese nail art pictures that I’ve included in this post, 3D nail art is synonymous with nail art design in Japan. To get this look it is as simple as using Japanese nail art stickers, nail art decals, 3D nail art or finding some kawaii nail art designs. Kawaii is Japanese for cute!

nail art supplies japaneseIf you want to create Japanese nail art it isn’t always necessary to pay for professional nails designs. You can buy Japanese nail art online or come up with your own designs at home.

It can be as simple as making some freehand nail art designs and adding some rhinestones or nail art dangles to create your own unique 3D nail art. You can use nail art stickers designs instead if you aren’t feeling creative. Crazy Japanese nail art doesn’t have to be difficult to create if you’re not the artistic type.

Japanese nail art pictures

The main aspect of Japanese nail art designs is to be artistic and cute. Not all nail art designs in Japan are 3D designs. I’ve included a nail art tutorial at the bottom of this post that shows you how to make some simple Japanese inspired nail art with cute and easy Panda nails.

Check out the cute toe nail art with this Minnie Mouse Japanese Nail Art tutorial below. Such an easy design to recreate and it doesn’t take too much skill or time to do it.

Nail Art Supplies Japanese

japanese nail artIf you are looking for a nail art shop that specialises in Japanese nail arts then you should check out TanaNail. They have some great products and have a $5 flat fee for shipping anywhere worldwide.

TanaNail stock Japanese 3D nail art supplies, Japanese nail stickers, nail charms and fimo slices. They do stock other products and are not only a Japanese nail arts stockist. I think they are one of the best places to look for funky nail art designs if you can’t afford to go to Japan – and not many of us can afford to do that!

Born Pretty aren’t known for stocking Japan nails art products but they are probably the cheapest nail art store online. If you are new to making your own nail art Japanese designs and you can’t afford the hefty price tag that normally goes with this level of nail art – then visit the Born Pretty store.

bornprettyBorn Pretty are a good online nail art store to use if you are just starting out, especially if you don’t want to spend too much on your nails. They offer free shipping with no minimum spend.

Here’s a nail art tutorial showing you how to make Japanese kawaii nails that are really easy to do and won’t take you all day. It isn’t your usual 3D Japanese nails but you can see 3D nail art tutorials on one of my previous posts.