How to Make Nail Art Designs at Home

basic nail designsThis is a run on from my cute nail art designs for beginners post that I wrote earlier in the year. I have had a few more requests for more Beginner Nail Designs Posts on how to make nail art designs at home.

So, I have included some nail arts pictures and videos of nail art designs for beginners – none of these creations require many nail art tools.  Keep reading to learn how to recreate some incredibly basic nail designs…

I really love the water marble effect on the white nail polish designs, it is really easy to do and you can create so many different patterns for each finger nail. The creator of this tutorial, DearNatural62 has a lot more similar youtube nail art tutorials so you can get a lot of good ideas for different colour combinations and swirly patterns.

In the next youtube nail art designs tutorial are even more simple designs of nail art. All you need is a striper tool, you don’t need to buy special individual nail polishes with this brush. It’s quite a long video but you can skip through to the next step.

Here is another easy nail designs for beginners with black nail polish and a dotting tool. They don’t recommend using the same matte polish as they have used but try the Matte Magic Nail Polish it’s great and will save you money as you can use it on any nail polish colour to create a matte effect. I’m all for reducing my costs buying nail art supplies as this can be an expensive hobby!

In the below youtube nail designs tutorial for easy nail art for short nails for beginners or toenails as they have shown. I always mix up toenail designs and short nails designs. All you need is a striper tool and a nail dotter tool and you can buy these at any nail art online shop.

So now what is stopping you from creating easy nail art at home? Check out my Newspaper Print Nails post for more easy design ideas. The image below is super easy to do as well, all you need is two different colours of nail polish, adhesive tape and a nail art dotting tool.

  • Give yourself a quick manicure and apply your base coat.white nail polish designs
  • Apply the pink coat of nail polish and allow it to dry.
  • Stick on the adhesive tape covering the lower part of your nails and then apply the white coat to your tips and slightly over the tape.
  • Carefully remove the tape and you will have a perfect line dividing the two colours.
  • Once the white coat has dried, use your dotting tool to apply any pattern of dots.
  • Don’t forget to apply a layer of top coat to lock in your design.

If you have any simple nail art ideas and want to share them with the readers of Please send in details and advise of the nail art design step by step instructions so that our readers can try your simple nail designs at home.