Where to Buy Acrylic Nail Supplies?

Acrylic Nail pics imageIf you love the look of acrylic nails and want to start doing them yourself at home, you might be asking yourself where to buy acrylic nail supplies? This post will give you details on which acrylic nail suppliers are reputable and offer a good price.

It is always best to pay for your first set of acrylic nails in a salon. This way you are able to watch a professional nail artist apply and remove the acrylic nails and decide if it is something you want to try at home. You will be surprised by how cheap acrylic nail kits can be and once you have decided to try acrylic nails DIY you will save yourself a ton of money by not visiting the salon every couple of weeks for infills and the removal.

Types of Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails can cover the whole nail or you can buy acrylic tips for your nails.

Nails can be glued directly on to your nail bed or you can prepare the acrylic product yourself. To do this you will require a polymer, which is the powder and the monomer, which is a liquid acrylic product – use a brush to apply. It normally takes a few minutes to harden so you will need to work quickly during the application process. There’s no need to buy a nail dryer or a UV lamp for the hardening process which makes acrylic nail kits cheap compared to gel nails and all the associated nail art supplies.

Cheap Acrylic Nail Kits

pics of acrylic nailsYou can buy acrylic nails online. If you are just starting out you might consider buying a do it yourself acrylic nails kit – these usually come with the drill that is necessary for taking off acrylic nails.

The best acrylic nails starter kit are from Kiss. If you want to know where to buy acrylic nail supplies individually consider any of the following brands – Creative, Entity, EZ Flow or Young Nails which are all sold at Amazon.

Where to Buy Acrylic Nail Supplies Cheap?

bornprettyBorn Pretty Store have acrylic nail products for sale at really cheap prices. If you are looking for cheap acrylic nail kits than Born Pretty are probably the cheapest online stockist you will find.

Another great online nail shop to buy acrylic nail kit supplies is from the UK based Viva La Nails. Viva La Nails have a lot of quality nail products and you can find plenty of acrylic and gel nail supplies for sale. You can find professional acrylic nail kits and they do offer a wholesale discount for those who buy in bulk.

Another great place to find some good online deals is at Amazon.