3D Nail Art Supplies

3D Nail Art pics3D nail art supplies add another level of creativity to your nail art. A plain coat of nail polish can easily be transformed with a touch of glitter, rhinestones or beads.

If you really want to get creative with your 3D nail art you can create your own unique 3D designs with acrylic nail polish on top of your nail bed (like shown in the picture opposite). This does sound difficult but it doesn’t have to be with a bit of practice. I’ll provide more info and a tutorial video in another post.

I like 3D nails as I find that even if you’re not feeling creative to make some freehand creative nail art designs you can still have funky looking nails by using some cheap nail decals or rhinestones. These can add a bit of pizazz to your nails.

I’ve added this 3D nail art tutorial which has easy to follow step by step instructions. It will give you information on how to apply 3D nail art such as nail art bows and nail art strips. The backing music isn’t the greatest so you might want to mute the sound.

I’ve added another video that will give you some rhinestone nail art designs ideas and tips. The girl who made the video shows you how to make five easy and different nail art designs with rhinestones, she did this for a Facebook competition a couple years ago.

I like the way she uses nail glitter for the background for her nail art designs. If you’re a nail art beginner you’ll like the way she uses the fan brush to create this simple nail art design.¬†Again, the music isn’t the greatest so it can be worth muting the video while you watch it.

Where to Buy Nail Art Online?

3D Nail Art Designs imageIf you don’t know any reputable stockists for 3D nail art ideas then you might want to consider checking out the following nail art online shop.

TanaNail – They are providers of Japanese nail art and have some amazing 3D nail art for sale. They normally have some kind of sale or discount being offered on different 3D nail art products, so if you purchase a few items at once you can end up getting one item for free. They have a $5 flat rate on shipping worldwide which is good value. ¬†Some of their nail art products might seem a bit more expensive than other nail art stores but TanaNail have quality unique products that you won’t find at most nail art supply stores.

Also there is Born Pretty Online Store – they have the cheapest nail art products on the web and have free shipping with no minimum spend so you save extra money on postage as well. The Born Pretty range isn’t as funky as what TanaNail are currently stocking but you can always find something that is trendy there.

Fruit Nail Art Decals

These fruit nail art decals are an example of what you can find at the Born Pretty online store. A pack of 120 decals cost $1.79.

There are other deals on nail art stickers with lots of different patterns. If you like nail art rhinestones they can be found on their site too. Just have a nosey about and you’ll find a good deal.

Another great place to shop for different 3D nail art is Amazon. Here are some specials that I’ve found for you below.