Nail Art Konad

image of nail art designs konadEveryone uses different techniques for their nail art Konad have great stamping nail art kits. These kits are easy to use and come with some cute plates with lots of simple nail art designs to do at home.

For those unfamiliar with how to use Konad nail art stamping kits here are some easy to follow instructions.

Nail Art Konad instructions

Konad are the leaders of stamping nail art. They have an awesome range of image plates for you to choose from. They release new nail art plate sets all the time. My nail art supplies have doubled since I have started doing stamping nail art, there are so many great image plates out there!  These image plates normally sell for $6.99 each from their website but you can find them cheaper at Amazon (see some of the good deals at the end of this post) and also at the Born Pretty online store 

How to do Nail Art Designs for Beginners at Home

konad nail art stamp designsTo get started with stamping nail art you will need a stamper, scraper and some image plates. There is no need to buy any of the special nail polishes that are sold as exclusive stamping nail polish. The best nail polishes to use for stamping nail art is any polish that will cover your whole nail in one coat.

Some tips to remember when applying stamping nail art:

  • Always ensure your bottom coat of nail polish has dried before you attempt to add a stamping nail art design.
  • Work quickly!
  • You do not need to press down hard with the stamper on your nail.
  • Do not rub the stamper back on forth on your nail as this will ruin the image.

If you are looking for konad stamping nail art techniques step by step instructions or a konad nail art yotube tutorial, you can find these at the Stamping Nail Art post that I wrote earlier. I’ve added some simple nail art videos below.

Tartan Nail Art Tutorials Step by Step

Here are some handpicked Konad Nail Art specials that you can find on Amazon at the moment.