How to Dry Nails Fast

fast drying nails imageWho has time to sit around after doing a manicure for your nails to dry. No one wants to risk smudging their nails and ruining all their hard work.

It is no wonder I receive many questions from readers wanting to know how to dry nails fast, so this post is dedicated to all those questions.

One of the easiest ways to dry nails quickly is with a nail dryer. You can choose between either a UV or LED nail dryer, they both have their benefits as mentioned in my previous posts.

If you don’t have the money to fork out for a nail dryer than you might prefer some of the cheaper options outlined below.

How to Dry Nails Fast at Home

Fast Dry Nail Spray

Nail drying spray helps dry your nails faster, generally within minutes. Here are my top picks based on reliability and price range.

Drying Nails Fast with Dry Fast Top Nail Coat

A fast drying top coat saves you time and can leave you with shiny, glossy looking nails. Who has a spare hour to let their nails dry anyway. Here are my favourites.


Methods for Drying Nail Polish Quickly and for Free

Here are some tried and true methods for drying nails faster at home.

Using Cooking Spray to Dry Nails

IMG_0497Sounds absurd, but cooking spray really does work!

Once you have applied your top coat, start spraying cooking spray on to your nails. Allow the oil to stay on the nails for 1-2 minutes before washing it off with water.

An added bonus with this is that it will make the skin around your nails softer as well. 🙂


Freeze Your Nails

If you are in a hurry to get your nails dry then pop your hands in the freezer for a few minutes and wallah! Dry nails! It isn’t the most economical or environmentally friendly option but it works well.

Use a Blow Dryer for Drying Nails Faster

Blow dry your nails dry fast imageThis works only when you set your blow dryer to the coolest setting it has. Always try this out with the lowest power setting first!

The time it takes for your nails to dry will differ depending on the blow dryer you’re using and the power settings.

If you try to do this with a warm or hot setting it will stop your polish from drying.

Also, don’t put your nails too close to the blow dryer or you’ll develop bubbles in your nails. 😛

Use an Air Duster

Use an electronic air duster or one of those keyboard dusters that spray out air to dry your nails. It works a treat!

Drying Nails in Cold Water

dry nails in cold water image

The old trick of plunging your painted nails into a bowl of ice cold water does work but it isn’t the best method.

Allow your nails to dry naturally for a couple of minutes and then submerge your nails in icy cold water for 2-3 minutes. Keep your hands still as moving them around can cause strange ripples in your nail polish.

Use Thinner Coats of Nail Polish

Sounds so obvious when you think about it. If you use thinner coats, it will take less time to dry.

More Tips on How to Dry Nails Faster

  • Older nail polish will take longer to dry.
  • With all of these methods it is best to set up your drying method before you start your manicure otherwise you run the risk of ruining your nails.

If you’re still not happy with the time it takes for your nails to dry then you should consider investing in either a UV or LED lamp to dry your nails. This will really come in handy and is an essential item in your nail kit if you are considering using gels, acrylics or shellac.