Dotting Tool for Nails

One of the most handy nail art supplies you can have in your kit is a dotting tool for nails. As the name suggests, it is a tool that makes dotting patterns but it can do so much more, it is great for making stripes, swirls and flower designs. Nail dotting tools are very adaptable to any design.

Nail dotting tool set imageBy using nail dotting tools you can make simple nail art designs by hand. Dotting tools are cheap to buy and can be bought separately or as a set. Or alternatively you can make your own dotting tool from items around the house.

The picture opposite shows a very good value nail dotting tool sets from Born Pretty Store. It shows their 2 way 5 set of dotting tools that have different angled and sized dots. They are really good value and can be used for professional or home use. They also sell a set of two dotting tools if you are looking for something under $2. Don’t forget about the free worldwide shipping so there are no extra hidden costs.

DIY Dotting Tools

If you’re new to nail design or don’t have the money to spend on nail dotter tools then you can try making your own at home. Here are some items from around the house that you can use to make a simple nail dotting implement.

  • Bobby pins – just stretch out the bobby pin and starting dotting!
  • Toothpicks – for really small dots.
  • Straight pins – rummage through your sewing kit or use the type from a cork board. If you want more control when using these pins you can try sticking the pin end in a pencil eraser or a wine cork. It works a treat!
  • DIY dotting tool imageSmall hardware nails – these work great and you can use the same tips for straight pins by attaching them to a pencil or a wine cork.
  • Biros – ideally use one that has run out of ink.
  • End of a small paint/nail brush – just flip your brush around and you’ll find a new dotting tool waiting to be used.

When using my dotting tools either store bought or a DIY dotting tool I like to test out the size of the dots on a piece of paper before applying it to my nail. It saves me from creating a blobby mess on my own nails!