Black on Black French Manicure

black on black French manicureOne very cool look that is a new take on French nails is the “Black on Black French Manicure”. I am seeing it all over the web and wanted to share with everyone how easy it is to recreate for yourself at home.

I’ve shown a great example of this classic French Manicure look in the picture above. I think it has the timeless classy look that most French manicures have but it also has a very edgy feel to it.

There are two different ways to complete these black French nails at home.

For both methods you will need the following:

  • Base and top coat of nail polish
  • Glossy black nail polish
  • Matte black nail polish or a matte magic nail polish as shown in the youtube nail art tutorial below. If you would like to buy the magic matte nail polish, I’ve provided a link to it here Matte Magic Nail Polish.

French Manicure Instructions

Black on Silver French Manicure

  • The way to complete this look is by applying your base coat, allow this to dry.
  • Apply two coats of your glossy black nail polish and allow to dry.
  • Apply a coat of your matte nail polish to the entire nail and allow to dry.
  • Now you can use French nail guides or tips to help you create the arc on your nails. Apply the glossy black nail polish to your tips.
  • Once all the nail polish has dried, apply a top coat. This will help protect your nails from chipping and you should be able to keep this design on your nails for at least a week.

I also found this great youtube tutorial video that is really helpful and shows you an easier way to get this look.

The product below is the matte magic nail polish that is used in the tutorial. It is a great product to add to your nail art supplies kit as you can use it to create matte nail polish from any nail polish colour.

Of course you’re not only limited to using black on black, you can try blue on blue French manicure, red French manicure or the very cool looking black on silver French manicure as shown in the picture above. Let your imagination run wild with this one.

If you are looking for more French manicure tips and ideas, read one of my previous posts that outline some more great ideas for you.

French Manicure At Home

As always, feel free to send in your photos if you would like to share your nail art creations with the rest of the readers of