Cheap Nail Polish

Cheap Nail Polish ImageSo you’ve snapped up a great nail polish deal online you’ve tested it out and you’ve been sold a lemon. I hate buying cheap nail polish but you don’t have to throw them straight in the bin. You can always recycle your nail polish by giving it to a younger sister or niece. If not, I’ve listed some great alternative uses for your nail polishes here.

Cheap Nail Polish uses

Having a few bottles of clear nail polish lying around the house can be quite handy, here are a few different uses for them;

  • Use it as a glue/adhesive. It can seal envelopes, glue together small parts, just leave it to dry before handling.
  • If you get a hole in your stockings, paint some clear nail polish around the edges of the hole and this will stop it running.
  • Paint clear nail polish on costume jewellery to stop it from tarnishing and leaving a dirty green stain on your skin.
  • If you have a metal allergy you can try covering your jewellery with clear nail polish so it doesn’t irritate the skin as much. This works really well on belt buckles and the back of watches. I wouldn’t attempt this on earrings or body piercings.
  • You can also use it to reset stones in your jewellery that have come lose.
  • It can be used to rustproof different metal objects. Do you have a container that is leaving dirty rust stained rings in your bathroom?  Apply some clear nail polish and problem solved!
  • Stop wooden items from giving you spllinters by adding a thin coat of nail polish to the offending part.
  • Patch up holes in your fly screen by dabbing it with some clear nail polish.
  • Treat ringworm with some nail polish and it should clear up within a few days.
  • Paint some clear nail polish on to a button to stop the thread coming undone.
  • If you make labels for the garden which keep getting ruined in the rain. You can make these smudge proof by adding some clear nail polish to them.
  • This also works just as well on address labels on packages.
  • Apply clear nail polish to the keys on your computer keyboard to stop the letters from wearing off.
  • Retain the shine on pearl buttons by coating them with clear nail polish first – best to apply a thin coat.
  • Prevent fabric and ribbons from fraying by painting the ends with some clear nail polish.

If you have loads of coloured nail polish lying around the house and the quality is dire, here are some options for you;

  • If you have some screws that always come lose, paint them in nail polish and screw them back in while the polish is still wet. They will dry solidly in place!
  • Paint the end of shoelaces or a piece of rope in nail polish and not only will it look kind of funky it will stop it from unravelling too.
  • You can use nail polish for colour coding different objects – this is great for keys or for marking pot plants when sowing different seeds.
  • If you ever have trouble threading needles you can did the piece of thread in some nail polish and this should make it much easier.
  • Applying nail polish to knots will ensure they are tied fast, this is great for sewing and those who do arts and crafts.Cheap Nail Polish image (2)
  • Kill plantar warts and make them look attractive! Ha, like they could ever be attractive. Applying some nail polish to a wart should kill it within a week as it deprives the wart from oxygen. It is probably best that you throw out the nail polish afterwards to avoid the wart from spreading.
  • Label your belongings – do people keep claiming your pens, golf balls or camp cutlery? Put an end to the squabbling over this by adding a dab of coloured nail polish.
  • If you have lots of different colours you can use these at picnics or BBQs to mark people’s plastic cups.
  • Make your own level gauge – you can use coloured nail polish to mark lines in a bucket or any measuring device.
  • If you can find the right colour you can touch up scratches on a car’s paint job, fill holes in tiles, or fix small chips in ornaments.
  • Keep the kids entertained and they can make their own nail polish art as they design colourful paperweights and pet rocks.
  • If you bought some nail polish and it is quite thin it will be perfect for water marble nail art. Check out my post on it for step by step easy instructions.

One way to avoid buying cheap nail products is to always buy from reputable nail art suppliers, all of the posts within this site list trusted suppliers. Do you know of any other uses for cheap nail polish that we haven’t listed here? Feel free to share them with our readers in the comments below.

Shellac Nail Polish

Shellac Nail polish imageShellac Nail Polish can only be referred to as the miracle nail polish. It has revoluntionized extended wear nail polishes. It is such a powerful polish and can remain chip free for up to two weeks. It is more durable than a gel polish. It is a mix of half gel polish and half nail polish. If you are going to attempt to apply Shellac nail polish in the home, you will need to purchase a shellac nail kit and a UV lamp. The UV lamps can be pricey so it’s best to see if you are happy with the results at the beauty salon before you go out and buy some expensive equipment.

Advantages of Shellac Nail Polish

  • It dries immediately.
  • It is chip, scratch and smudge free.
  • It won’t damage your nails when it is removed.
  • It can be worn for  more than two weeks depending on how fast your nails grow (this is generally when you will see some new nail growth and need to reapply).


  • You need to have a healthy bed of nails to be able to use shellac nail products.
  • You will need to use pure acetone to remove it.
  • A UV lamp is needed to dry the nail polish, if you are worried about UV damage you can always apply a quality sun lotion to your hands first.
  • Do not attempt to peel the nail polish off as it will take off the top layer of your nail, it won’t come off with normal nail polish remover either.

Please see the attached video for instructions for application and removal, we have listed the steps below as well.

  • Firstly shape and buff your nails into your desired look, since shellac can last more than 2 weeks it is best to push back and clean your cuticles first.
  • Apply one layer of the base layer and then dry with the UV lamp for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Apply one thin layer of the shellac nail colour and dry with the UV lamp for 2 minutes, repeat this stage again.
  • Now apply the top coat and dry with the UV lamp for another 2 minutes.
  • Wipe your nails with 99% alcohol and a lint free wipe, this will bring out the shine in your nails.

Shellac nail polish fingerRemoving shellac can also be done at home but it can be quite tricky, again this is best left to a nail professional artist to perform. I would personally have my first lot of shellac nails removed at the salon and watch carefully on how to perform each of the steps. Once you have seen how a professional removes shellac from your nails you will feel more confident trying this at home. The following list should assist you at home. Remember not to be too rough when using the orange wood stick as you don’t want to do any damage to your nail bed. If you are finding it difficult to remove the shellac, soak your nails in acetone for slightly longer.

  • You will need pure acetone, shellac wraps and an orange wood stick.
  • Soak the shellac wraps in pure acetone and cover each nail individually in a wrapper.
  • After ten minutes remove the shellac wraps and you will notice that the shellac has started to come off.
  • Use the orange wood stick to remove the remaining parts of the shellac nail polish.

If you are looking to buy some Shellac products to try this at home, Amazon always have the best deals. Here are some of their Shellac nail art supplies.